Terrible Titles!

The  fabulous  Alyssa Brugman has tagged me for a “terrible titles” blog hop! The challenge is to pick eight random lines from a work-in-progress by scrolling through the manuscript and letting the cursor land where it will.  Here are eight random lines from one of my projects that might serve as terrible titles.

anime doll head


A doll’s head bobbling atop an assortment of bones.

Make sure somebody feeds Elvis.

I sent a fake Christmas card to myself.

Coiling through the streets on a wisp of smoke.

Rolling and thrashing like a screaming octopus.

I am a psychological oddity worth discussing over champagne.

Oh, you should see the mural of LeBron downtown!

Jailhouse parenting is the bomb.


The real (but working) title of the story is called simply “Sam and Mathilde” and it is a dual perspective young adult novel that deals with   prison parenting and reactive attachment disorder.


Have a great day!

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