Bullying and Burgers!

This past Monday, I had the pleasure of participating in a bullying awareness event held at the Rocky River Public Library in conjunction with a fabulous group of young adults and mentors from Know Your Purpose Foundation. We gathered for a special screening of the award-winning documentary BULLY and then I spoke about my personal experiences with bullying and how the theme is handled in my book WHAT HAPPENS NEXT. I also spoke about date rape and date rape drugs and ways to keep safe, and then on writing process and how my childhood experiences helped shaped my creativity.  The folks from Know Your Purpose asked lots of brilliant questions and shared their thoughts and frustrations about bullying and date rape.  It was a very powerful evening and more than a few tears were shed but lots of smiles were exchanged, too! Special thank you to Megan and Dori, the RRPL librarians who hosted the event. They took me to dinner beforehand at Bearden’s…a local, beloved burger joint that is featured in my book. (A VERY special thank you for that! Peanut Burgers, yummmmm!)


RRPL pic 1

RRPL pic 3

Beardens pic


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