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I went to the Ohioana Book Festival this past weekend and it was amazing! So many wonderful readers, educators, and fellow authors were there. I participated in a lively panel discussion about teen literature and enjoyed signing books alongside my buddies Leah Clifford, Rae Carson, and Kristina McBride. I also was able to see my fellow NEOMFA alumni pal Karen Kotrba. HerĀ  book of poetry SHE WHO IS LIKE A MARE was recently published by Bottom Dog Press. I think the highlight of the festival was getting to know the lovely Julia DeVillers, middle grade author of the just released TRIPLE TROUBLE (and a ton of other great MG books…) We were each others “date” for an author reception at the Governor’s mansion after the festival. It was a last-minute “blind date” of sorts as we didn’t know each other before this weekend but I had a really good time talking and laughing and eating fancy hors d’oeuvres with her. I would definitely date her again. :)


Wish me luck for the Ohioana Award…WHAT HAPPENS NEXT is a finalist! Fingers crossed!


Teen Lit Panel at Ohioana

Me, making my point (whatever it was…) Ohioana 2013

Photo: Panel Discussion: Books for Teens and Tweens II


NEOMFA Represents!

Fellow alumni Karen Kotrba and myself


YA Girl Powah!

(The YA Girl Power was so purely concentrated in this moment that it formed a blinding Halo of Awesome. Poor Mindee had to shut her eyes momentarily to take it all in…)

Top left to right: Leah Clifford, Laura Bickle, Rae Carson, Mindee Arnett, Liz Coley

Bottom left to right: Colleen Clayton, Julia DeVillers, Kristina McBride

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